Regular Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you cover?

We offer cleaning services in most London Postcodes.

Is there a minimum number of hours per visit?

Yes, the minimum duration is 2 hours per visit.

Do you offer Fortnightly cleaning services?

Yes we do. Depending on your requirements we can arrange cleaning visits on a weekly and fortnightly basis.

Are your regular cleaning services available on a monthly basis?

This service is only available on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Monthly cleaning sessions are considered as deeper cleaning and we recommend that you have a look at our One-off / Spring cleaning service.

Who is responsible for providing the cleaning products and materials?

We usually require all cleaning materials and equipment to be provided by the client.

What cleaning Packages do you offer?

We offer Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Packages.

What is the difference between the packages?

The packages vary depending on the size of your flat/house and also on the number of hours you require per visit.

Will I have the same cleaner every time?

Yes, you will. We will allocate one cleaner to your premises.

How do I pay for the cleaning?

You will be paying an hourly ratestarting from 8.00 directly to the cleaner and a monthly fee to our company*
*the monthly fee varies according to the chosen package

Why do I pay separately to the cleaner and your company?

Once you have chosen the most appropriate cleaning package you will be entitled to a premium hourly rate starting from 8.00. As we are VAT registered the monthly fee needs to be paid separately to the company.

How long will it take you to find me a cleaner?

We usually require 1 week notice in order to provide a suitable cleaner for the requested day and time.

Can I specify the day the cleaner comes?

You can specify the day for the cleaner to come. We will make every effort to supply you with a suitable cleaner for the chosen day.

Can my cleaner come when I am at work?

You can leave a set of keys with the cleaner. You don't have to be in on the day the cleaner comes.

What happens if my cleaner is sick or goes on holiday?

If your cleaner is unable to provide a cleaning visit we will contact you and offer a substitute.

What happens if I am not happy with my cleaner?

If you are not completely satisfied with the cleaning performance please give us a call and we will arrange a new cleaner for you or speak to the cleaner on your behalf.

How do you ensure quality of your housekeepers?

Our cleaners are interviewed at our office to ensure the suitability of the applicant. In addition to that we require cleaners to provide us with verifiable proof of identification, address and two references, one of which has to be from a previous employer; only a minority of applications go through our screening process successfully.

Can you provide references from some of your customers?

Yes, we can provide references from our current customers.

Are there any restrictions with regards to what the cleaner will clean?

There are a few restrictions you should bare in mind. The cleaner will not perform any deep or specialised cleaning on any antique, delicate or valuable items. Also balconies, walls and window cleaning are excluded from the cleaning services. Windows will only be cleaned on the inside.

Is Laundry part of your services?

No, laundry services are excluded from our standard task list, but the cleaning lady will happily take the clothes out of the washing machine, fold and iron them.

Are you insured?

Yes we are fully insured through the Giles Insurance Brokers.

What about damages?

Although we are fully insured most of our cleaners work with us on subcontractors' basis. In such occasion your cleaning lady will be responsible for to undertake to replace or repair the damaged item.

What payment methods do you accept?

The monthly fee is paid via direct debit. The hourly rate paid to the cleaner can be settled by cheque or cash payment on the day of the cleaning session.