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Articles - PerfectClean Limited London

Laid-back Guide in Making the Most of Spring

Posted on Friday May 10, 2019

Spring is the most favourable season for the adventure loving people, as different outdoor activities can be done in the perfect weather.  However, not every one of us loves fear defying adventure as much as some of us do and that is totally fine. And because of that, we have crafted here a laid-back guide in making […]

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Guide

Posted on Tuesday May 07, 2019

There are plenty of things can pop up in your head when we talk about spring cleaning. But one of the most common mistakes about spring cleaning is to think that only the inside of your home needed your attention, and missing out the truth that the patio as well the garden requires the same […]

BBQ Party Checklist

Posted on Tuesday April 30, 2019

This season is considered to be the best season for outdoor parties like BBQ party. And here we prepared a checklist you can use to make sure that your fun time will run smoothly and hassle-free as possible from the preparation up to the after party clean up. Party Preparations Tip #1: Choose the perfect […]

How A Filthy Carpet Can Ruin Your Home

Posted on Wednesday April 17, 2019

Other than the health issues that dirty carpet causes there are also some obvious issues arises when you left your filthy carpet untreated. And though these are obvious problems allow us to list them out one by one to provide you with a clear list of issues you should avoid through a professional carpet cleaning. […]

Dirty Carpet: A Health Hazard

Posted on Wednesday April 17, 2019

A few days ago I visited different forums about carpet cleaning. And one of the topics that catch my attention is this “How often should you hire a professional carpet technician to have your carpet cleaned?” Some of the answers surprised me because there are people who let their carpets untreated for more than a year. […]


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